Monday, October 18, 2004


The Canoe Mill

Many a time in the '70s on the way to and back from Hollingworth Lake, I walked past here with Mum and Dad and family and friends and the first thing that hit you was the smell of epoxy resin and fibreglass. Quite a heady mixture on a hot summers day.

Clegg Hall is in the background at the right hand side. Apparently somebody is going to transform it back to its former glory. Should be very interesting to watch over the next year or so. Work has already started on clearing overgrown trees and shrubbery.

I remember walking around inside with a gang of friends sometime around 1975. Somewhat dangerous and even though half the roof was missing, we still climbed the stairs to the first floor....and then did a runner when someone realised we were inside.

Hey ho...halogen days...


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